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This is the C64 port of Colin Garbutt's puzzle game from 1992, Kye. You can play the original game via archive.org's emulator here.

The reason I made this port was primarily technical: I wanted to implement a game in 6502 assembly involving hundreds of active objects interacting with each other, and push graphical limits at the same time by augmenting hi-res graphics with a dynamic sprite overlay. Kye was the perfect candidate for this experiment, since it saved me the trouble of having to come up with my own design, and it's a mostly forgotten game with a lot of user-made levels that's definitely worth a bit of fresh attention.

The goal of the game is simple: move around with the green circle thing and collect all the diamonds. It's up to you to discover the rules!

Controls: joystick in port 2 exclusively. No keyboard input.


Original game: Colin Garbutt

Level sets:

  • Default: Colin Garbutt
  • Sampler: Dr Floyd?
  • Plus 2: Mark & Dave @ Positive Ltd.
  • New Kye: Unkown
  • Shapes & Monsters: Dennis K. Fitzgerald
  • Danish: Jytte Madsen & Erik Jacobsen

C64 port and music: Patai Gergely

The full source of the project is available on GitHub.

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TagsCommodore 64
Average sessionA few minutes


kye-pal.prg 29 kB
kye-ntsc.prg 29 kB
kye-pal.sid 2 kB
kye-ntsc.sid 2 kB


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Hi. Could you get back to me on email? yahwey88@gmail.com I have a case regarding KYE. Greetings. Editor of the magazine K&A Plus Retro Chłop :)

Excellent version of an excellent game

Interesting game.  One for playing over Christmas I think with a bit of spare time to get into it.  Well done.

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Very interesting game. I am a fan of puzzle games 😁 This title gives you something to think about, which is something for me. If you allow it your work will be posted as a fresh news in our magazine "K&A PLUS" 

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Also, if you agree we will put it in our COVER DISK. For further discussion, I invite you to email: 


With best regards. Editor of "K&A PLUS"

Retro Chlop 😎

Sure, feel free to distribute the unchanged versions of the game, just please link back to this page.

Ok thank you on behalf of the editorial staff 😁 Due to the fact that our COVER DISK for issue #22 of our magazine is already full (such is my latest data) your game will appear in the next one i.e. #23. Of course, you are welcome to continue working with us. Regards.

Retro Chlop 😎

very good game,thanks

very good

Nice game!

Thanks for the feature! I see there was a bit of struggle. ;)

Very good job! :-)



Thanks for the boost!